Metform Elementor Contact Form Builder – Flexible and Design-Friendly Contact Form builder plugin for WordPress


Metform contact form builder an addon for elementor, build any contact form on the fly with Metform drag and drop builder. It can manage multiple contact forms, and you can customize the form with an elementor builder.
MetForm is not only a contact form plugin, but it is also a complete drag & drop form builder with elementor. You can build any contact forms, in Just Minutes. You don’t even Have to be a programmer or developer.


MetForm builder contact form gives you full flexibility to build any form on the fly with MetForm. Want to make any complex form? complex style? no problem you can build any type of form with MetForm. Like you want to use an image or video under a form and want to show the user, you can do so… use any Elementor addons inside the MetForm builder form without any restrictions.
Metform built with elementor. Every field is an elementor widget.


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Metform allows you to create any beautiful contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, and other types of forms for your site in minutes, not hours! Full flexibility on your own hand.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Metform builds with elementor and it will work with elementor without any issue. and responsive can control from the elementor page builder. and Your forms will look great on all resolutions and devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Embed anywhere

You can metform anywhere with elementor also you can use it with any editor with built-in form shortcode.

Manage Submissions

Your form submission data can be saved in admin and also sent the user a confirmation email it will send data to form admin.

File Upload

Want to give users to upload files from your form? no worry we have file upload filed with our form.

Export form entries as CSV

Want to Export form entries as CSV? Yes, you can do that too with metform elementor addon.

Mailchimp Integration

You can use MailChimp in your contact form also create MailChimp signup forms with custom style and expand your lead list.


  • Built with Elementor: With the most powerful Elementor form builder, create your impressive forms without any experience and professional knowledge. Most importantly, it is budget-friendly and time-saving. We are providing every possible functionality that you want to create a form with an elementor page builder.

  • Elementor Input fields: To create your desirable forms, We have designed a lot of Elementor widgets fields to build your form and any style you want with Text field, Email field, Number field, Date field Time field, Select field, Textarea field, Checkbox field, Radio field, Switcher field, Range slider field, URL field, Password field, Response Message, Opt-in, reCAPTCHA, Rating, File Upload, and many more.

  • User confirmation email: A confirmation email can be sent when a user registers or enters their data to confirm their registration.

  • Admin notification email: Notify admin after user submission is completed or any type of customer data is processed.

  • Saved entries in the admin panel: Save all the data that users give to fill up the form and display in the admin panel.

  • Export entries as CSV: Export multiple data from your metform that user entries in a single CSV file and download in a spreadsheet.

  • Required Login to submit the form: This feature will show all the required fields to fill up the form by giving a simple red star icon and providing an error message if needed.

  • Capture User Browser Data: Displays the user’s browsers information like Web browser, Visited URL, Title, Visit Time, Visit Count, and User Profile etc.

  • Hide Form After Submission: Able to hide your form after the user fills all the necessary fields and hits on the submit button.

  • Limit Total Entries: Enable limit to the number of submission entries to your metform and give an error message after getting crossed.

  • Redirect after successful form submission: Simply add desired destination URL and redirect to that page after successfully submitting the form.

  • MailChimp integration: Easily integrates MailChimp to create and manage a mailing list, automated mailing, newsletter, and many other options.

  • Slack integration: Redirect all the form data to integrate with Slack and get the customer information in a team faster.

  • Google reCAPTCHA integration: Allow you to integrate Google reCAPTCHA to keep your site safe from unwanted spam and abusive traffic.

  • Validate required fields: Help you to validate your form’s required field and give an error message if needed for making your form standard and way more professional.

  • Form submission via AJAX without page refreshes: Permit you to submit your form without loading your page via AJAX to make it more user-friendly and time-saving.

  • Supports multiple-column layout: Specify multiple column layouts as many you would like to display. Simply add the column in just one click.

  • Shortcode support: Add powerful features with a simple Shortcode without any knowledge of technical complicated lengthy code.

  • Editable successful form submission message: Gives access to edit your successful form submission message so you can personalize your own message.

  • Translation ready: Our plugin supports multiple languages which means you can easily translate a language into your languages.

Supported fields

  • ** form Text Input Field:** Display content, links to your form with different styles.
  • Email Input Field: Make sure that the user enters the valid email address to your Form with an Email Input field.
  • Number Input Field: This Input field will ensure that users enter a valid Number with numeric input.
  • Telephone Input Field: Allow users to give their valid Telephone number to make connections.
  • Date Input Field: Use this Input field to select Date from the drop-down calendar to your form to make it more user-friendly.
  • Time Input Field: Helps users to pick up their preferred Time from the drop-down timer.
  • Select Input Field: Simple drop-down function allows you to select items of your own choice.
  • Multi-Select Input Field: Select Multiple items from the drop-down at a time.
  • Textarea: Helps to add a large number of content, review, comment to your form.
  • Checkbox: Permit users to select multiple items to your form at a time with Checkbox.
  • RadioButton: Allow users to select only one exclusive item from the multiple options.
  • Switch Input Field: Easily control the Yes/No or On/Off toggle Switch checkbox input just like a light switch.
  • Range Slider: Set your max or min range value to your form by using a super cool Range slider. All you have to do is just drag both ends until your appropriate value comes.
  • URL Input Field: Simply add URL to your form using our URL Input Field. It ensures that users Input a valid URL to the form field.
  • Password Input Field: If you want your user to give a strong password, use our Password Input Field. It makes sure that users get a protected password and can be able to change it when needed.
  • **First Name (Listing): **Allow users to give their FirstName to show them in a listing method on the Mailchimp list.
  • Last Name (Listing): Allow users to give their LastName to show them in a listing method on the Mailchimp list.
  • Opt-in (Listing): Use the opt-in field to your form and make your user a subscribed Mailchimp contact the user by clicking the checkbox “Subscribe to our newsletter”.
  • GDPR: Enable GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) compliant to your form before collecting user data as it explains how you are usually using the user data to stay safe from the action of law.
  • reCAPTCHA: Allow you to integrate Google reCAPTCHA to keep your site safe from unwanted spam and abusive traffic.
  • Simple Captcha: Protects your site from unwanted bots and spam simple Flexible Captcha.
  • Rating: Helps to get customer review and build up a good bonding between owner and customer.
  • File Upload: Permits users to upload important files, images, attachments to your form.
  • Form Summary: Provide a summary before subscription to build up good communication with your customer.

Our Premium Input fileds

  • Phone no Input Field: Our premium Phone no Input Field permits the user to select the prefix country code Phone number from the drop-down. You can also select your position, enable or disable the level and change the Mobile number if you want.

  • Image Select Input Field: Are you looking for a form that allows users to select Images from multiple Images? By using our premium Image Select Input Field, you can upload your image both vertically or horizontally.

    • Select your Image
    • Show or hide the label section
    • Give title, thumbnail, and preview
    • Select option value that will store/mail to the desire person
    • Give option status Active/Disable If want to restrict
    • Customize Label, input, PlaceHolder
  • Toggle Select Input Field: With our most powerful Toggle Select, you can activate one section from multiple sections at a time both vertically or horizontally. If you select one section active, then another section will automatically get deactivated.

    • Add/Delete section
    • Show/Hide label
    • Select Position, Input, label
    • Give label name and change if needed
    • Give option value, option status
    • Customizable Label and Toggle
  • Simple Repeater Input Field: If you want to use a group of fields several times, you don’t need to create the field again and again. Our simple Repeater has an easy solution for that. All you have to do is just click the “Add” button and the new field will appear automatically.

    • Add/Delete options
    • Show/Hide label
    • Editable position, layout, label name
    • Enable/Disable icon inside button
    • Add/Remove button text and button icon
    • Styleable Repeater label, Field Label, Field input and Button
  • Google Map Location Input Field: Do you want to see the location of your user so that you can track them easily? Use our premium Google Map Location to pinpoint the exact location of your users on your form with customizable content and styles.

  • Color Picker Input Field: Easily select any color from the drop-down color palette to design your form in an eye-catching way. You just have to click on the choosable color and the color will appear accordingly.

    • Show/Hide label
    • Editable position, layout, name, placeholder
    • Required option toggle
    • Conditional Logic
    • Styles in label, input, and placeholder
  • Calculation Fields List: Do you want to perform calculations among Form Fields to display automatically calculated values? Our premium calculation Field will help you to perform your calculations and display the results within seconds.

    • Show / Hide section with simple radio button
    • Select position with dropdown
    • Editable level, name, placeholder, help text section
    • You can use Prefix before the calculation total
    • Enable or disable the required field
    • Expression with operation & inputs
  • Payment Method Input Field: Make user’s payment policy easy using payment method to your form. With our Payment Method input field, you can choose your payment gateway like Paypal.

    • Show/Hide label
    • Editable position, layout, name, placeholder
    • Payment display option: Vertical/Horizontal
    • Add/Delete Payment method
    • Required option toggle
    • Conditional Logic
    • Styles in label and Image
  • Signature Input Field: Would you like to get users’ realistic signatures to your form before they hit upon the submit button? We offer you our Signature Input Field which will help you to collect realistic signatures for agreements, low-risk transactions and for other contracts.
    • Show/Hide label
    • Editable position, layout, name
    • Display option: Vertical/Horizontal
    • Required option toggle
    • Conditional Logic
    • Styles in Input label and toggle
  • Like-Dislike Input Field: It’s really important to get feedback from the user for better improvement. Allow users to provide their reaction using like and dislike input fields.
    Counts Like/Dislike number from user

    • Easy to configure
    • Editable position, layout,name
    • Required option toggle
    • Styles in Input label

Our Premium Features

  • Multi-Step Form: Divide your large form into multiple sections to make it more user-friendly for customers to complete. Use our premium and fully customizable Multi-Step Form with many unique features.
    Drag & Drop form builder

    • Add unlimited step as many as you want
    • Easily understandable functionalities
    • Enable or disable the Multi-Step Form
    • Select your validation type by character length, by word length, or by expression-based.
    • Select your position, level, help text at your choice
    • Editable warning message section
  • Conditional logic: Give your questions in category-wise. Conditional Logic allows a user to select one category and the given question will appear only for that section otherwise it will remain invisible. Here comes our most unique field is “Conditional Logic”.

  • Calculation: Do you want to perform calculations among Form Fields to display automatically calculated value? Our premium calculation Field will help you to perform your calculations and display the results within seconds.

  • REST API Support: If you want to get data in different third-party apps that users give input to fill out your form, use our most premium features Rest API Support. You can get form submission data and submission notification to Third Party API URL or Webhook by integrating our Rest API very easily.

    • Enable/Disable Rest API
    • Give Rest API URL/Webhook
    • Select “Get” from the drop-down for requesting data from a specified URL
    • Select “Post” from the drop-down for sending data from a specified URL
  • Zapier Integration: MetForm helps you integrate Zapier with your forms. Zapier integration in your forms allows you to connect with thousands of popular apps without any coding.
    Connect with Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and many more.

    • Clickable Enable/Disable Toggle
    • Enter desired Zapier Webhook
  • Payment Method: Get payments from your form. With our Payment Method features, you can choose your payment gateway like Paypal.

    • Redirect to successful URL If passed
    • Redirect to Failure/Cancel URL If failed
    • Integrate Paypal with Yes/No toggle
  • Webhook: Webhook video

Migrations are coming soon in these forms. Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, fluent forms, wp forms, Forminator & Formidable Form Builder, Everest Forms


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> MetForm

eg. This plugin requires an elementor builder.


Where found the documentation?

Check our Documentation section here to understand the alpha and omega of MetForm.

But you can see this video


September 6, 2022
Super easy integration with Elementor and works like a charm (except for Recaptcha, I could not make it work)
September 5, 2022
Very helpful owner and I think one of the best contact form plugin! I highly recommend it!
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Version 2.2.1 // 2022-08-03
Added: Meaningful error message for SMTP setup.
Added: New control for select field.
Added: HubSpot integration.
Fixed: Entries file not showing.
Fixed: Conditional field parent section height issue.
Fixed: Select option’s double quotation issue.
Fixed: Widget Label tab conditional logic.
Tweaked: Email field validation.
Tweaked: Switch widget space issue.
Improved: Search engine form indexing issue.

Version 2.2.0 // 2022-06-21
Added: Stp and stl file support inside file-upload widget.
Added: Default alert method enabled for form submit response.
Added: Input field name validation.
Fixed: File upload bites issue.
Fixed: Multiple file upload issue.
Fixed: Payment method default value issue.
Fixed: Error message not shown after form submit.
Fixed: Type error problem.
Fixed: Summary widget error when upload a file.
Fixed: Repeater field value delete issue.
Fixed: Editor-mode console warning for page.
Fixed: Require massage issue for select widget.
Fixed: Hubspot minor issues.
Tweaked: Update hook and entries.
Tweaked: Improved file data validation.
Tweaked: Improved Auto-populate field.

Version 2.1.6 // 2022-04-21
Added: Set value from UTM.
Added: Multiple file uploading support.
Added: Select field option import from CSV local/remote.
Added: Option for hiding form sending to user after form submition.
Fixed: Calculation filed reuse issues.
Fixed: Multistep form wrapper issue with elementor latest version.

Version 2.1.5 // 2022-04-20
Fixed: Form view count was not working.

Version 2.1.4 // 2022-04-20
Fixed: Security issue.
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved

Version 2.1.3 // 2022-03-28
Added: Success message from sweetalert.
Fixed: Calculation widget issue to calculate from default value on load ( specially range slider).
Fixed: Sorting issue in csv.
Fixed: Background color issue in multi-select widget.
Fixed: Time Field issue on IOS device.
Tweaked: Change link of integration.
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved

Version 2.1.2 // 2022-01-30
Fixed: Image carousel compatibility issue with metform
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved.

Version 2.1.1 // 2022-01-22
Added: Some minor issues.
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved.

Version 2.1.0 // 2022-01-06
Added: New button added for ask for rating library
Improved: Added icon for rating
Fixed: Some spelling issue
Fixed: Checkbox Option is getting marked by default
Fixed: Checkbox not saved issue
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved

Version 2.0.1 // 2021-12-12
Added: File upload widget uppercase extension support
Fixed: Multiple checkbox default select issue
Fixed: Form hidden field issue
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved

Version 2.0.0 // 2021-11-28
Tweaked: Heavily improved core CSS and JS
Fixed: Text widget diacritic character issue
Fixed: Range Slider widget issue with Conditional logic feature
Fixed: Range Slider error on empty steps field

Version 1.6.0 // 2021-11-10
Added: Onboarding Integration
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved
Removed: Unnecessary image files

Version 1.5.6 // 2021-11-07
Fixed: Elementor Default Text Editor Preview and Frontend Encoding Problem.
Tweaked: CSS and JS improved
Compatibility: checked/fixed some compatibility issues

Version 1.5.5 // 2021-09-29
Added: Multi Select input placeholder control
Added: New control to set current date as minimum date for date widget
Fixed: Time widget placeholder does not work in mobile browsers
Fixed: reCaptcha support for Elementor Popups.
Fixed: Minor Markup Validation for Form Rendering.
Fixed: Metform Entry Filtering with Form Name

Version 1.5.4
Fixed: Date widget localization issue
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Woodmart-6.1.4
Fixed: Number widget input alignment issue
Removed: Deprecated Elementor PHP Methods from Widgets.

Version 1.5.3
Fixed: Shortcode was not working.

Version 1.5.2
Removed: Summary widget’s react library warning
Fixed : Performance issue
Tweaked: Optimize CSS and JS files

Version 1.5.1
Fixed: Multistep form minor issue

Version 1.5.0
Improved: responsive message default time 5 seconds
Fixed: Custom script tag issue
Fixed: Form and Response message opening & closing animation
Fixed: Widget style controls conflicts with conditional feature on editor mode.
Fixed: Conditionally hidden field doesn’t show in Elementor editor
Fixed: Simple Captcha and reCaptcha values are removed from Summary Widget.
Fixed: multistep scroll and spacing issue

Version 1.4.10
Fixed: File Upload widget file Size Limit and File Type validation

Version 1.4.9
Fixed: Form Settings Vertical Scrolling option not showing proper value

Version 1.4.8
Fix: Ranged Slider console log error
Fix: Form Settings Style Fix
Fix: File Upload Widget size limit validation
Fix: File Upload Widget file type validation
Fix: Elementor _register_controls is soft deprecated
Fix: Form picker button alignment style
Removed: Unnecessary duplicate stylesheet removed
Fix: Form Picker “No forms created yet” duplicate message
New: File Uploads Info support for API/Webhook.

Version 1.4.7
Fix: Fixed Scheme Namespace debug log issue
Fix: Rest api integration form broken
Fix: Required check for character length validation.

Version 1.4.6
Fix: Date widget js minification

Version 1.4.5
added: Added pre-defined control for checkbox widget
added: Added pre-defined control for radio widget
Fix: Display position left for checkbox widget
Fix: Display position left for radio widget
fix: Opt-in widget style controls
fix: GDPR widget style controls
fix: File-upload widget input padding, position left control

Version 1.4.4
Fix: Showing response message on the screen after form submission
Fix: MailChimp multiple audience saving issue
Tweak: Changed Form widget settings on elementor

Version 1.4.3
New: Hook ‘metform/after_form_load’ added to triggers after form load.
Fix: Backward & Free Verson support for success message style
Fix: Calculate widget

Version 1.4.2
Fix: Backend entry fields color conflict
Fix: Multi file upload empty field error
Tweak: Backend entries File section beautify
Fix: Backend File section download button now direct downloads instead of new tab open
Fix: Multiple form ReCAPTCHA validation issue
Fix: Help text multiline error
Fix: Multiselect & Checkbox NaN value issue
Fix: Form submit – HideForm not working issue (null value)

Version 1.4.1
Fix: Few minor bug fix
Imported: Few UI improvements

Version 1.4.0
Fix: Select Widget conditional required when hidden issue
Fix: Repeater bug fix
Fix: Creating form bug
Improve: Core libraries update
Fix: Minor other bug fix.

Version 1.3.17
Fix: ‘Something went wrong’ problem fix

Version 1.3.16
Added: Form submission error handling

Version 1.3.15
Fix: Google Map Error
Fix: Text Input field removing leading 0
Fix: Plugin activation Error
Fix: Tabbing issue fix & jquery-ui-core added
Fix: Jargon removal
Fix: Google ReCaptcha & Select widget validation
Improve: Update notice and rating system

Version 1.3.14
Improve: Updated core libraries

Version 1.3.13
Fix: Updated Facebook Community links

Version 1.3.12
Fix: Default Value for Email input issue
Fix: Checkbox option left side label cursor fix
Fix: Rating widget star blinking issue
Fix: Select widget Option disabling issue
Fix: Summary widget shows Image (base64) values with element
Added: Summary title gets label if available. getInputLabel() API.
Fix: Checkbox option text Typography issue
Added: Input Warning Text color & Typography in common-controls, Checkbox, GDPR Consent, Radio, Recaptcha, Simple Captcha
Removed: Word Length Validation on Telephone Widget & Email Widget
Fix: Text area line break properly shows on E-Mail & Entry
Fix: Metform New form Selector button position sticky
Fix: “Hubspot” spelling in multiple places
Tweak: Overall code improvements
Fix: File upload issue
Fix: Calculation field with woocommerce cart add conflict issue
Tweak: Multiple file add backend entry formattings
New: Styling Controls for Like Dislike Widget.
Fix: Active value not working in Like Dislike Widget
Fix: Line break support for Textarea Widget in Form Entry View.

Version 1.2.11
Fix : Minor bug fix

Version 1.3.10
Fix : Minor bug fix

Version 1.3.9
Fix : Rating notification bug fix

Version 1.3.8
Fix : Multiselect and checkbox multiple condition issues
Tweak: Added a control for enabling scroll to top feature for multistep form
Improve: added some css improvement on mobile widget

Version 1.3.7
Fix : Typography issue of input label of the gdpr consent field

Version 1.3.6
Fix: Banner issues

Version 1.3.5
Fix: Rating notice issues
Added: CSS optimization.

Version 1.3.4
Fix: Stripe issue
Added: Custom JS event for developer
Tweak: Improved rating system.

Version 1.3.3
Fix: WordPress latest version api issues fixed
Fix: ‘file upload’ widget disappear issues fixed
Fix: ‘rating’ widget star rating issues fixed
Fix: ‘range’ widget default value issues fixed
Fix: ‘simple-repeater’ widget is now working perfectly on multistep
Fix: subtraction issues fixed on ‘calculation’ widget
Fix: multistep rtl issues fixed
Tweak: Improved js file size

Version 1.3.2
Fix: ISS server plugin.php error

Version 1.3.2
Fix: number validation fixed in the back-end
Fix: recaptcha error message fixed after form submitting
Fix: 24hrs fixed on time widget
Fix: shortcode Null Coalescing Operator error fixed for old php support

Version 1.3.1
New: added 24H control on Date widget
New: added scroll to top when changing the step on multistep
Fix: prev and next step issues fixed
Fix: improved css and js

Version 1.3.0
New: Localization Option for Date Field
New: added calculation numberFormat() function
Fix: HTML Entites for File Upload
Fix: active campaign error fixed
Fix: improved calculation
fix: Multistep pressing enter to change the step fix
fix: stripe payment issue fixed

Version 1.3.0-beta6
Fix: mobile datepicker issues fixed
Fix: next and prev issues fixed on multistep
Fix: multistep tab title issue fixed

Version 1.3.0-beta5
Added: Spinner animation for Submit Button when submitting
Added: Disable state for Submit Button to prevent multiple form submission
Fix: admin settings page fixed
Fix: Submit Button causes JS error after empty form submited
Fix: Integration Settings causes JS error after updated

Version 1.3.0-beta4
New: Responsive Width control for Submit Button
Fix: form settings issues
Fix: HTML entities support for Input Label, Placeholder and Help Text

Version 1.3.0-beta3
New: Option(‘Stop Vertical Scrolling’) added for enabling or disabling vertical scrolling when form submit
New: Form submitting failed notification added
Tweak: Improved demo proviews
Fix: Improved design on form settings
Fix: Multistep broken issues
Fix: Form inline style issues
Fix: ‘Select’ widget placeholder added
Fix: Fixed ‘date’ and ‘time’ disappearing issues on multistep
Fix: Form redirection issue has been fixed
Fix: ‘Hide Form After Submission’ issue has been fixed

Version 1.3.0-beta2
Added New pot file for translation
remove: ‘Response message’ widget has been removed
New: Added Response message at the top of the form by default

Version 1.3.0-beta1
New: All form widgets are supported by ReactJS
Huge optimization
“”Metform 1.3.0-beta1 is a major update. We have reconstructed the widgets with react and huge optimization for future proof. If you faced any issue please contact our support team from here””

Version v1.2.3
New: .pot file added
New: forms can be now exported & imported using elementor’s json files.
Fix: Block multiple form submission
Tweak: JS improvement
Tweak: CSS Improvement

Version v1.2.2
New: Setting dashboard design
New: Added new default template preview
Tweak: added admin pro notice
Fix: Date and time widget issues fixed on iPhone
Fix: iframe error fixed
Fix: Fontawesome icon missing issues
Tweak: JS improvement
Tweak: CSS Improvement

Version 1.2.1
New: GDPR consent input field
Tweak: Email template included uploaded file
Tweak: Email template design improvement
Tweak: Validation options fixed
Fix: Date store issue

Version 1.2.0
add: Global settings page
fix: Simple captcha
add: google recaptcha v3
simple captcha and google recaptcha in different widget
fix: shortcode form submission issue
html support in checkbox and opt in text
add: form summary widget

Version 1.1.9
Added Simple captcha
Added conversion and views in entries tabs
Fixed Recaptcha version 2 issue
Improve validation
Re-arranged controls

Version 1.1.8
Fix: Updated input default color
Fix: CSS bug fixed
Fix: JS bug fixed
Fix: Added default value of some widget controls
Fix: Organized the widget controls
Fix: Improved table UI

Version: 1.1.5
3rd party plugin compatibility
Rest API Data submit improvement

Version: 1.1.4
Now users can add 3rd party API to get form data
Now date input supports time selection too
Can disable specific date, range date in date picker.
Mail template design improvement
Added utf8 support in email template
Now user can redesign the upload button
Select widget support default select from option
Added some do_action hooks to extend it’s functionality

Version: 1.1.3
Added Option to change checkbox and radio color
Added help text with style condition

Version: 1.1.2
Fixed recaptcha issue

Added telephone widget
Added widget area to edit save use from same page.