WP SMS – Messaging & SMS Notification for WordPress, WooCommerce, GravityForms, etc


This plugin adds the ability to send SMS to your WordPress through more than 300 SMS gateways, such as Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, BulkSMS, Infobip, Vonage (Nexmo), Clockworksms, Messagebird, WhatsApp Business API and much more! See All SMS Gateways

With this plugin, you can also send SMS/MMS notifications to your subscribers, users, and WooCommerce customers about their orders, new posts, products, and more.

Watch the video to learn more about the WordPress SMS Plugin!

Main plugin’s features

  • Sending SMS/MMS to the mobile number(s), your subscribers and WordPress users
  • Collecting mobile numbers from subscribers during the newsletter sign-up process
  • Automatically sending SMS messages to users and administrators in various situations
  • Sending activation codes to subscribers when a new post is published or when they complete the subscription process
  • Allowing users to opt-in to SMS newsletters and group with your custom fields
  • Providing an option for users to unsubscribe or opt-out of SMS messages through a widget or URL
  • Enhancing security with two-step verification
  • Enabling users to log in using their mobile number in case they forget their password
  • Sending Notification SMS to administrators
    • To inform new releases of WordPress
    • When a new user is registered
    • When new comments are posted
    • When users are logged into the WordPress
    • When users are registered to subscribe in forms
  • Integration with Contact Form 7
  • Integration with Zapier for connecting more than +5000 apps
  • Providing a widget/Gutenberg block/Shortcode for showing Send SMS form in website
  • Providing a widget/Gutenberg block/Shortcode for displaying an SMS newsletter form
  • Supporting Webhooks
  • Supporting WP REST API
  • Meeting GDPR compliance requirements
  • Importing and exporting subscribers
  • And much more!

This plugin is free. You just need to have an account from one of the services in the list of gateways we support.

Rest assured, we have made an effort to include the most popular and reliable gateways in the plugin. In addition, a Pro version is also available for purchase.


The Pro package includes a range of integrations with other plugins and several well-known gateways. It also includes features such as user registration verification, WooCommerce mobile verification, and order notifications.

The list of supported gateways and integrated plugins are available in FAQ.
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Pro Version Features

  • Supporting about 300 SMS gateways! See All SMS Gateways
  • Scheduled SMS/MMS sending
  • The ability to set up repeating SMS/MMS messages
  • URL shortening through Bitly
  • Login and register with SMS, OTP and 2FA SMS
  • Integration with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, GravityForms, QuForm, WP Job Manager, Awesome Support and Ultimate Members
  • Compatibility with Bitly.com for shortening URLs in SMS messages.


WP SMS has been translated in to many languages, for the current list and contributors, please visit the translate page.

Translations are done by people just like you, help make WP SMS available to more people around the world and do a translation today!

Contributing and Reporting Bugs

WP SMS is being developed on GitHub. If you’re interested in contributing to the plugin, please look at GitHub page.


  • Send SMS Page
  • Send SMS Page: Receiver
  • Send SMS Page: Options
  • Outbox
  • Inbox
  • Subscribers Management Page
  • Login With SMS
  • SMS Subscriber Widget
  • SMS Stats Dashboard Widget
  • Email Notification: SMS Failed Delivery
  • Settings
  • Settings: Gateway Configuration
  • Settings: Advanced
  • Settings: OTP & 2FA
  • Settings: WooCommerce
  • Email Notification: SMS Stats
  • Send SMS form (Gutenberg block)


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Send SMS
  • Subscribe


Installing the WP SMS plugin is similar to installing any other WordPress plugin, the simple way which is recommended is:

  1. Upload wp-sms to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. To display the SMS newsletter form, go to Themes → Widgets, and add a WP SMS Subscribe form.
  4. If you’re using the wp-sms-pro as well, don’t forget to enter your license key on Pro Pack → General

If you need more information, please click here.


What gateways are supported in the plugin?

You can see the list of all supported gateways through this link.

What are the differences between Free and Pro Pack versions?

  • Login, Register, 2FA and OTP with SMS
  • Scheduled sending SMS
  • Premium support
  • More supported gateways (listed above)
  • Compatibility with Bitly.com for shortening URLs in SMS messages.
  • Integrations with more plugins as listed below:
    • Integration with BuddyPress: You can add mobile number fields to the profile page, send SMS to users when they’re mentioned in a post, and send SMS to users when they comment on a post.
    • Integration with WooCommerce: Order SMS notifications, verify customer mobile number during the checkout, SMS notification to customers and subscribers for new products, SMS notification for administrator when the stock is low, and also you can send SMS to customers when the order status is changed.
    • Integration with Gravity forms: The plugin can send SMS to users and Admin after the form is submitted.
    • Integration with Quform: The plugin can send SMS to users or Admin after the form is submitted.
    • Integration with Easy Digital Downloads: You can add mobile number fields to the profile page, and send SMS to users or Admin when an order is submitted with EDD.
    • Integration with WP Job Manager: You can add mobile number fields to Job forms and send SMS to employers or Admin when a job is requested with WP Job Manager.
    • Integration with Ultimate Members plugin.
    • Integration with Bitly.com for make the URLs shorter

Does WP SMS support bulk SMS sending for a large number of subscribers?

Absolutely, WP SMS is optimized for bulk messaging and can efficiently manage large-scale SMS campaigns. Our plugin has been enhanced with the latest update, WP SMS 6.5, which introduces background processing technology. This advancement enables the delivery of SMS to a vast number of subscribers, suitable for lists with over 10,000 contacts and beyond. This powerful feature ensures that your bulk SMS campaigns are delivered reliably and effectively when using Twilio or any other supported SMS gateway.
To learn more about our bulk SMS capabilities and the background processing technology, check out the details on our new feature update page.

What is the integrations of the WP SMS?

WP SMS also integrated with some of the popular WordPress plugins.See the integrations here

Does plugin support Scheduling SMS?

Yes. You can schedule SMS sending on the Send SMS page.

Does the plugin support MMS as well?

Yes. However to use MMS you need to make sure that the gateway you are using supports MMS.

Can I have two-way communication with a customer?

With WP SMS Two-Way Add-on you can both send and receive SMS with 7 gateways.

Can I try the plugin for free?

You can see the features which WP SMS Pro provides on the Demo Website.

How many SMS can I send?

The WP SMS plugin does not have any limitations for sending SMS even on the characters. This only depends on limitations of the gateway you use.

Can I send a text message under my company’s name?

SMS can be sent with any number or name you set on your gateway.

Can I use shortcodes in WP SMS?

You can use shortcodes for SMS Subscriber Form.

Is the plugin compatible with PHP v8?

Yes! WP SMS is compatible with PHP version v5.6 up to v8.2

How to send SMS/MMS with PHP?

Use the below code to send SMS through PHP:

$to[] = '01000000000';
$msg = "Your Message";
$is_flash = true;
wp_sms_send( $to, $msg, $is_flash );

Use the below code to send MMS through PHP:

$to[] = '01000000000';
$msg = "Your Message";
$mediaUrls[] = 'https://yoursite.com/image.png';
wp_sms_send( $to, $msg, false, false, $mediaUrls );

How to show the SMS subscribe form?

There are four ways to show the SMS Subscriber form in the website:

  1. By adding the SMS Newsletter through the Widget into the theme
  2. By adding the SMS Newsletter through the Gutenberg editor
  3. By adding the shortcode [wp_sms_subscriber_form] into the theme
  4. By adding the PHP code <?php echo wp_sms_subscriber_form(); ?> into the theme

Do you need more information? Click here

Does the plugin support Hooks (Action & Filter)?

Yes. It does, checkout https://wp-sms-pro.com/documentation/.

Does it support REST API?

Yes. It does, checkout https://wp-sms-pro.com/resources-category/api-endpoints/.

How to get the Pro Pack updates?

If you’ve already the pro pack version, you have to enter your license key in the setting page to get the updates.

Anyway the plugin supports registering the license key through wp-config.php

define('WP_SMS_PRO_LICENSE', 'your-license-key');

How to unsubscribe a number through the URL?

Your subscribers can unsubscribe by URL https://yourdomain.com/?wpsms_unsubscribe=01111111111

How to redirect clients to a specific page after unsubscribing by URL?

Here is the hook that you need to use. Just replace XXXXX with desired path.

add_action( 'wp_sms_number_unsubscribed_through_url', function($number){
    wp_redirect( '/XXXXX' );
} );


January 25, 2024 1 reply
I purchased their pro plugins and they provide a good support until solve the problem. Thank you for the plugins and support.
October 18, 2023 1 reply
After writing a question to support, it took about an hour before the answer. The problem was solved, despite the fact that its solution, apparently, took a long time.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP SMS – Messaging & SMS Notification for WordPress, WooCommerce, GravityForms, etc” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WP SMS – Messaging & SMS Notification for WordPress, WooCommerce, GravityForms, etc” has been translated into 8 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


v6.5.5 – 27.02.2024

  • Update: Added support for SMS Gateways OzoneSMS and SMSGatewayHub, and included supported encoding for ProSMS.
  • Update: Refreshed POT files and strings for better localization.
  • Improvement: Resolved Deprecated Dynamic Property Creation issue in WP_SMS\Privacy Class.
  • Improvement: Enhanced number normalization logic for better accuracy.
  • Improvement: Extended timeout of HTTP requests to 10 seconds for improved reliability.
  • Improvement: Implemented minor enhancements for better performance and ensured backward compatibility.

Feature suggestions that are not listed above are welcome!

v6.5.4 – 12.02.2024

  • Improvement: Responsive admin table lists fixed.
  • Improvement: Notifications improved and notice issues fixed.
  • Improvement: Enabled early execution of queued tasks.
  • Improvement: Duplicate WooCommerce numbers fixed by normalization.

v6.5.3 – 17.01.2024

  • Improvement: Improved page sanitization and overall security in WP_List_Tables.
  • Improvement: Fixed label styling in the subscriber multi-group select field.
  • Improvement: Added EuroSms gateway help and improved number display in outbox.
  • Improvement: Updated the POT file for better translations.
  • Fixes: Display issue with the feedback button in admin area.

v6.5.2 – 10.01.2024

  • Fixes: Fixed class not found error by correcting WP_Error namespace
  • Fixes: Fixed gathering Ultimate Members registration forms data
  • Improvement: Escape the mobile place holder and hardened plugin security

v6.5.1 – 28.12.2023

  • Fixes: Backward compatibility while the is not array in SmsDispatcher
  • Improvement: Enhance plugin security by adding a nonce to the delete subscriber function.

v6.5 – 19.12.2023

  • Addition: Introducing Background Processing! You can now send SMS in bulk to thousands of numbers without disrupting the user experience, click here to more information.
  • Improvement: Improved visibility of form labels on white backgrounds, ensuring they are clearly readable regardless of theme or background color.
  • Fixes: Resolved an issue with the group assignment in the subscriber shortcode, enhancing reliability and user management.

v6.4.2 – 03.12.2023

  • Addition: Contact Form 7 tags now supported for SMS notifications.
  • Improvement: Updated EasySendSms gateway.
  • Improvement: System performance enhancements.
  • Fixes: Fixed array_filter bug on WooCommerce order page and improved backward compatibility.
  • Fixes: Resolved SMS credit display issue on Send SMS page.

v6.4.1 – 19.11.2023

  • Fixes: WooCommerce order page issues & send sms in note metabox
  • Improvement: Add possibility to remove duplicate numbers

v6.4 – 13.11.2023

  • Improvement: Compatibility improved with WordPress v6.4.
  • Improvement: Gateways Cellsynt and Sms.to.
  • Improvement: Default handler now used in the Send SMS REST API for improved efficiency.
  • Improvement: Added filter wp_sms_api_message_content for customizable message content.
  • Improvement: Ensured a non-empty recipients array before initiating SMS sending.
  • Improvement: Field labels and descriptions for Subscribe Form now sanitized for increased security.
  • Improvement: Privacy Page design enhanced for a more polished appearance.
  • Improvement: Default values added to subscriber form shortcode attributes for increased customization.
  • Improvement: Minor improvements and optimizations made for better overall performance.
  • Feature: Added the ability to send SMS only to local numbers.
  • Feature: Included an Opt-Out link in the footer of SMS report email for easier unsubscribing.
  • Fixes: Fixed a bug related to selecting multiple roles for sending SMS.
  • Fixes: Addressed notice styles and RTL issues for a more consistent visual experience.
  • Fixes: Resolved the issue of sending the SMS report even when the corresponding option is disabled.

v6.3.4 – 17.10.2023

  • Improvement: Backward compatibility with new custom WooCommerce order table and HPOS.
  • Improvement: Search users in send SMS page.
  • Improvement: Gateway altiria.net updated to the latest version.
  • Improvement: Made minor improvements and optimizations for better performance.

v6.3.3 – 09.10.2023

  • Fixes: Some tweak form-submitting issues in sending SMS page and improvement the repeating issue
  • Fixes: Some tweak styles and RTL issues in send SMS page

v6.3.2 – 27.09.2023

  • Fixes: Sending Scheduled SMS issue has been fixed.
  • Improvement: Email template styles and minor improvements.

v6.3 – 23.09.2023

  • Feature: Redesigned Send SMS page and added search user option!
  • Feature: Weekly SMS Stats Report via mail! Now you can track total sent, successful, and failed SMS, total OTP usage, and total subscribers.
  • Fixes: Resolved the URI issue on oursms.com.
  • Fixes: Prevented the sending of blank SMS in CF7.
  • Improvement: Made minor improvements and optimizations for better performance.

Read more to see more information about release.

v6.2.4.1 – 09.09.2023

  • Fixes: PHP Fatal Error in WooCommerceUsePhoneFieldHandler.php

v6.2.4 – 08.09.2023

  • Feature: Administrator Email notification once the send SMS faced error
  • Feature: Add support for %billing_email% variable in WooCommerce order notification
  • Fixes: Send SMS Verification Twice in Safari Autofill
  • Fixes: International Mobile number issue showing flags styles and improvement on International input CSS
  • Improvement: Update Oursms, EbulkSMS, and support template_id for gateway.sa
  • Improvement: Mobile Number Backward Compatibility for Customer Sessions
  • Improvement: Mobile field handler functionality and improvement
  • Improvement: Minor styles, RTL issues and settings

v6.2.3 – 10.08.2023

  • Improvement: Refined Woocommerce customers query, limited to 1000, and optimized MySQL performance using filters.
  • Development: Introduced new filters – wp_sms_mobile_filed_handler, wpsms_unsubscribe_csrf_enabled, wp_sms_request_arguments, and wp_sms_request_params.
  • Improvement: Condensed spacing for improved auto-fill compatibility.
  • Improvement: Updated styles, now with RTL improvement.
  • Improvement: Upgraded oxisms.com gateway to API v2.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the checkMobileNumberValidity function.
  • Fixes: Resolved placeholder issue.
  • Fixes: Fixed character truncation during trimming.
  • Feature: New attribute groups now supported in [wp_sms_subscriber_form] shortcode.

v6.2.2 – 26.07.2023

  • Improvement: Admin header and styles updated to display licenses status more effectively.
  • Improvement: Enhanced wp_sms_send() function to validate and handle empty strings and ‘0’ more effectively.
  • New: Added support for variable %shipping_method% on WooCommerce order notification, enabling more customization options.
  • Fixes: Addressed the issue with automatic conversion of false to an array, which was deprecated.
  • Fixes: Resolved lag in Subscriber Form editing for a smoother user experience.

v6.2.1 – 17.07.2023

  • Fixes: Fixed group query and subscriber verification in multi-groups for newsletters.
  • Fixes: Resolved SendApp gateway errors.
  • Fixes: Fixed uncaught error on subscriber page when passing null ID.
  • Improvement: Improved styles and made minor enhancements.

v6.2.0.2 – 09.07.2023

  • Fixes: The opt-in WooCommerce issue

v6.2.0.1 – 08.07.2023

  • Addition: Support a new webhook for incoming SMS
  • Improvement: Backward compatibility
  • Improvement: The notice padding

v6.2.0 – 04.07.2023

  • Improvement: Updated and cleaned up various mirror and major components.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the styles of the SMS Newsletter form.
  • Improvement: Upgraded the SMS Notification Metabox for better functionality.
  • Improvement: Implemented a system to manage and display admin notices effectively.
  • Addition: Integrated a Feedback button powered by FeedbackBird! in the admin area to gather user feedback.
  • Addition: Implemented a Nonce to enable unsubscribing a number via URL.
  • Addition: Introduced new actions wp_sms_send_request_body and wp_sms_api_send_sms_arguments.
  • Addition: Enabled support for subscribing to Multiple Groups in the SMS newsletter.
  • Addition: Integrated new SMS gateways – Micron, SignalAds and ProSmsDk.
  • Addition: Added support for a new variable %coupon_name% in WooCommerce coupon notifications.
  • Addition: Introduced support for new variables %order_view_url%, %order_cancel_url%, and %order_received_url% in WooCommerce order notifications.
  • Fixes: Resolved the issue of duplicate SMS sending during post updates.
  • Update: Updated Gateways DirectSend, Oxemis, and SmsApi.pl to their latest versions.

v6.1.5 – 13.05.2023

  • Added: Users can now filter post notifications by taxonomy/terms
  • Added: Added support for the Deewan.sa gateway
  • Updated: Switched from the paid gateway Cellsynt to the free version
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with some other gateways
  • Fixed: Fixed an error in the SmsApi gateway
  • Fixed: Corrected the country code in intlTelInput
  • Fixed: Numbers are now trimmed before validity check in the import process
  • Improved: Sanitized user input on the privacy page
  • Improved: Updated International Telephone Input to version 18.1.1
  • Improved: Removed the mobile field from the WooCommerce checkout page
  • Improved: Quick reply now shows actual error and success response

v6.1.4 – 16.04.2023

  • Add: Gateway WaliChat
  • Add: Feature to make mobile field optional or required in the settings page
  • Bugfix: Upgraded Library JQuery Character and Word counter plugin to v2.5.1
  • Bugfix: An Issue with sending SMS to WooCommerce customers
  • Bugfix: An Issue with getting WooCommerce guest mobile number from order
  • Improvement: Optimized 1s2u gateway for better performance
  • Improvement: Added filter wp_sms_notification_woocommerce_order_meta_key_{meta-key} for greater flexibility in WooCommerce order notifications.

v6.1.3 – 01.04.2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed query for getting WooCommerce customer mobile numbers.
  • Bugfix: Improved search functionality to consider phone numbers with and without country codes.
  • Bugfix: Corrected error in smsapi.pl while sending unicode SMS.
  • Bugfix: Updated gateway.sa.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with importer.
  • Bugfix: Fixed query for getting user mobile in WooCommerce by ID.

v6.1.2 – 21.03.2023

  • Bugfix: The reset configuration issue has been fixed