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Chatbot to boost conversions by Joonbot


Joonbot is a no-code & intuitive chatbot builder to skyrocket your conversion rate.

  • Get more sales with custom and targeted chatbots.
  • Generate more leads by booking appointments automatically with our Calendly integration.
  • Collect information at scale with chatbot feedback surveys, feature ideas, issue requests and more.

I takes seconds to install a chatbot on your website with this plugin!

Engage visitors

By design, chatbots engage visitors. Grab people’s attention by making your chatbot appears at the right time, the right place with the right message. Your engagement rate will skyrocket!

Automate repetitive tasks

Delegate to your chatbots chatbots data collection, qualification, booking appointments and data insertion into your data management tool. Also, make your chatbot answer automatically to recurring questions.

Increase conversion rate

Your visitors are all different. Personalize the chatbot user journey, using smart routing so you can focus only on good leads for an optimized customer acquisition process. Continually improve your conversion rates by tracking your custom goals and conducting AB tests.

Top benefits

  • Create as many conversations as you like with unlimited interactions,
  • Build them with personalized conversation scenarios (hidden fields, logic jumps, calculations, blocks),
  • Choose the chatbot format that suits your needs (widget, full-page, embed),
  • Customize your conversations (colour, avatar, GIF, emojis, videos and more),
  • Contextualize the appearance of your chatbot with targeting features (traffic source, URL browsing),
  • Book appointments for users directly from your chatbot with Calendly integration,
  • Trigger emails directly to users or your team wherever you want in the conversation,
  • Send data collected to your favourite apps and also get data from third-party apps with our Zapier, Webhooks and native integrations (Google sheets, soon Airtable & Slack).
  • Build your custom analytics dashboard with custom goals. Improve your conversion rates with AB tests.


  • Unlimited conversations
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Unlimited blocks per chatbot
  • Unlimited websites
  • Widget format
  • Full-page format
  • Embed format
  • Pre-built templates
  • Self-notification
  • Recall information
  • Unlimited loops
  • Unlimited logic jumps
  • File upload
  • Stripe payment (Coming soon!)
  • Hidden fields
  • A/B test
  • Calculation
  • Custom goals
  • Native email notifications
  • Zapier integration
  • Calendly integration
  • Integromat integration (Coming soon!)
  • Integrately integration
  • Remove Joonbot branding
  • Priority support
  • Webhooks
  • Google Sheets integration
  • Airtable integration (Coming soon!)
  • Unbounce integration
  • Unlimited custom domain


  • Native email notifications

Notify in real time your team or chatbot’s users by email with the information given during the conversation.

  • Zapier

Automatically send data collected by your chatbot to your favourite apps with Zapier.

  • Integrately

Integrately is a great tool to help you automate your workflow. Integrately is an alternative to Zapier.

  • Webhook

Send and use data from any apps (e.g. your own) during the conversation. Start the right conversation based on specific data.

  • Google Sheets

Insert, update and get data from your spreadsheets. You can also create new tabs based on time. Coming soon for the update and get.

We plan to develop:

  • Airtable

Send data collected during a conversation to Airtable, where you can organize your data and collaborate easily. Also take data from Airatble to use it during your conversation.

  • Mailchimp

Send data collected by your chatbot to Mailchimp—the world’s largest marketing automation platform.

  • Stripe

Sell products or services, accept charity donations and much more by adding a Stripe Payment block to your chatbots.

  • Slack

Notify the right people whenever in a conversation with one of your Joonbots. Slack brings all your team’s communication and files into one place, where they’re instantly searchable and available wherever you go.

  • Google Analytics

Track views, clicks and discussions with your chatbot directly in Google Analytics. Great for helping you better understand your audience and see where there are opportunities for growth or improving user experience.

  • Integromat

Create your customized scenarios with Integromat. Automate repetitive tasks involved in using chatbot and make your work easier.

Chatbot use cases


Give product recommendation

  • Create a chatbot that asks questions about what the user is looking for, gives recommendation on what product is better depending on the user and finally suggests the right product
  • Provide an interactive questionnaire chatbot that takes user preferences and acts like a personal shopper

Conducting proactive purchasing incentives

  • Display a chatbot on a specific page that will make proactive product suggestions based on past purchases
  • Display a chatbot that will remind the visitor about abandoned carts
  • Display a chatbot that will give promotional discounts to store visitors
  • On cart page, display a chatbot that suggests a product related to others in the cart or a product the user can afford thanks to the amount saved with a coupon code

Take the user need/order

  • Create a chatbot that takes the client’s need based on a qualification questions

Make users buy directly from your chatbot

  • Calculate automatically the final amount to pay automatically and pay directly with Stripe integration


Generate leads

  • Create a chatbot to take contact details like name, email and phone number

Book meetings

  • Book meetings directly with Calendly integration

Qualify and segment leads

  • Create a chatbot to qualify and segment leads automatically and provide the right next step. For example, the chatbot can redirect the user to a video demo or book a meeting with one of your sales using Calendly integration. Your team focus only on closing not qualifying.
  • Create a chatbot to welcome, get to know who is behind and nurture with appropriate content.


Collect feedback

  • Send a feedback survey about your product and customer experience from arriving to your website to product delivery.

Conduct engaging quizzes

  • Create a game/quiz chatbot with a coupon code or gift as a potential prize. Choose the full-page format and share it to social media.


Take issue requests

Take features ideas

Take user feedback


Our customers love our intuitive chatbot builder.

“The pricing model is startup-friendly, the user interface is self-explanatory. The fluff was removed and only what is needed is what we see.”

“Joonbot is quite unique in its category and the UX/UI of its workflow builder is so intuitive. Anyone should at list try it out to understand how powerful it is.”

“The best app is the one you’ll actually be able to use. Relative ease of use for a complex task. There is no comparison between Joonbot and ManyChat. ManyChat has HOURS of tutorials.”

“Amazing product! I love the interface for building chatbots, easiest I have seen by far! Planning to create many more, very much looking forward to what Joonbot adds in the future!”

Installation guide

You’ll find in this article a step-by-step guide about how to install a chatbot on your WordPress website.

Support information

You can contact Joonbot customer support anytime by talking to our chatbot available within your Joonbot account. Click on “I need help” or “I have a bug to report” depending on your situation.


  • No code and intuitive chatbot builder
  • Start from a template
  • Personalize your design to your brand
  • Build complex scenarios
  • Powerful targeting
  • Integrate with your favourite apps
  • Analyze results and iterate on your bot scenario
  • Joonbot for product recommendation
  • Calendly integration


Note: You will need a free Joonbot account : Create one for free here!.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Install the plugin from WordPress directory and activate it.
  • Under settings section, click on Joonbot to add your Joonbot JS script
  • Customize the bot to your preference.
  • Finally, make full use of our Dashboard to manage your applications.


Do you have some hidden costs linked to the number of messages exchanged?

We don’t want you to worry about how much Joonbot will cost you every month, that’s why our pricing is fixed, no hidden costs.

Whatever your chatbot has 50 000 or 5 millions interactions, you’ll pay the same price.

Where does the data go?

We store the data on european servers. We created features that will allow you to get the data and use it the way you want.

First, you can see all conversations your chatbots had with users on the results tab.

Using our integrations, you can send data to Google Sheets, Airtable and many more apps. You can also send it to your own backoffice.

You can also export data as CSV, so you’ll access to ended and unfinished conversations.

On which platforms are Joonbot available?

We only focus on chatbots for websites. We want to rely only on our own technology to get your data safe.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not at all, you only need basic copy/paste skills for the setup :).

You can also use our native email, Zapier, Integrately and Google Sheets integrations to automate process, no coding is required.

However, if you want to use our Webhook feature, you need to code. For info, more native integrations are coming soon!

Does Joonbot work with Artificial Intelligence?

No. The mechanism is rule-based, you define your conversational scenarios in advance.

With AI, you need to spend a lot of time training your chatbot. With Joonbot you can build your chatbot in minutes!

The chatbot leads the conversation and aims to lead the user to a specific action depending on the previous ones.

No bad experiences, everybody is happy!

Can I install chatbots on several websites?

Yes! You can install chatbots on different websites, it’s unlimited.

Can I create a multilingual chatbot?

You can write your chatbot in any language you want and ask the user in which language he would like to continue. You can even trigger a specific language based on browser language detection. Also, we support right to left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

Is Joonbot mobile responsive?

All chatbot formats are responsive but the web-app is not. It’s easier to build chatbots on your desktop.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. As creator of the identified users, you are considered the data controller within the meaning of the GDPR, and Arnica is acting only as a data processor. For more detailed information, please have a look at our privacy policy.


May 7, 2021
I built my chatbot in less that 30 minutes and installed it in secs! The platform is really intuitive. Joonbot has all the features I need and has an affordable price. I recommend this plugin.
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