Floating Awesome Button (Sticky Button & Popup) – CTA, Back to Top, Shortcodes, Widget, & More


Floating Awesome Button (FAB) is a customizable sticky action button that can help you do various things like adding call to action, scroll to top, display custom popup (blocks, shortcodes, widgets, links, etc).

🤩 Add quick social media links & buttons :

🤤 Navigation links & buttons :

😎 Custom Template Popup :

😲 Special Function Popup :

More Video & Tutorial on YouTube :


Pro Version

3rd Party Plugins Support

3rd Party API Support

  • 🕹 Google reCaptcha v2 & v3

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This plugin is heavily using these free & open-source libraries
all the credits go to these peoples and communities
who had helped provide and develop these libraries



Instruction :

  • You can install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repositories or
  • Download the plugin and extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation

Tutorial :

Releases :


🕵️‍ GDPR

  • This plugin uses 3rd party tools for (Payments & Upgrades) it’s called freemius
  • To learn more about GDPR consent please this article
  • We also use cookies internally to store popup session but it’s not enable by default see this video to learn more

🔧 Troubleshoot Search Modal Popup (Ajax Search)?

This plugin is uses WP REST API for search modal popup
If you have any trouble when setting up the plugin please make sure :

  • Your WP REST API is enabled, check your security plugin if there is any setting that is disabling it.
  • Make sure your permalinks is set to Post name (admin, settings, permalinks, choose “Post Name”)


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Contributors & Developers

“Floating Awesome Button (Sticky Button & Popup) – CTA, Back to Top, Shortcodes, Widget, & More” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.6.1 (26.11.2022)

  • Minor bug fixes and supports

1.6.0 (19.11.2022)

  • Major bug fixes and supports

1.5.18 (17.11.2022)

  • Update reame.txt file, add support to WordPress 6

1.5.16 (11.04.2022)

  • HOTFIX: Tooltip always display can’t be disabled
  • Add Print.js library for print button
  • Enable targeted element print using id, image, pdf, html
  • Fully migrate backend scripts into svelte components for better performance

1.5.15 (08.03.2022)

  • Update font awesome version to 6.0.0
  • HOTFIX: Layout position center
  • HOTFIX: FAB edge unclickable
  • Upgrade tailwindcss to v3
  • Improve exit intent using exit-intent-quattro library

1.5.14 (03.03.2022)

  • Modify readme.txt & add support for print button type


  • Tailwindcss class integration update for modal template


  • Add tooltip option always display for call to action button with text
  • Migrate css tooltip popup to tooltip labels


  • HOTFIX: FAB type link metabox design option not working


  • Restructure CSS styles to use less space
  • Optimize gutenberg support (Autoembed & Render)


  • Add option standalone button
  • HOTFIX: FAB shapes single and group


  • Add Gutenberg Support
  • Migrate backend metabox design to components
  • Optimize frontend asset delivery


  • HOTFIX: Enable/Disable Tooltip
  • HOTFIX: FAB Shape not changing
  • HOTFIX: Grecaptcha on mobile
  • Migrate backend setting to components

For older changelog entries, please see the additional changelog.txt file delivered with the plugin.